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Case Remote Air – Wonderful Little Device!
on August 6, 2016  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

 The CASE Remote Air is the world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller. The CASE Remote...

Photography for Advanced Beginners Workshop – Doha, Qatar – Feb 2015
on January 18, 2015  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

  Ready to take your photography skills to the next level? Join us for the Advanced Beginners workshop...

Photography 101 Workshop – Doha, Qatar – January 2015
on December 20, 2014  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

  Join us for the Photography 101 Workshop to take your photography to a new level using a different...

Indigo Marble Camera Strap Review
on December 1, 2014  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

A New Comfortable Camera Strap If you are an active photographer like me who carries his camera around...

Photography 101 Workshop – Doha, Qatar – November 2014
on November 7, 2014  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

Thank you everyone for your attendance and productive discussions, and I hope the workshop was up to your...

Canon 7D Mark II Review
on October 19, 2014  by ashrafkotb  has No Comment

Today I got the chance to hold and test one of the first production units of Canon’s new flagship...